In November 2013, Santi Spa introduced Santi Health, starting with the addition of Nutritional Therapy…because when you feel great, you look great! Aside from the age-old connection between chocolate and acne, or weight management, many people don’t connect the food they eat with how their skin looks, or their mood, energy levels or performance at work. However, the food you eat play an important role in all these things and more. And it’s wonderful how changing what you eat can have such a big positive impact on your life.


Our approach to nutrition is from a Functional Medicine perspective.

• £150 for assessment or extended follow up (60-90 minutes session)


• £75 for a short follow up (30-45 minute session)


• £225 for couples nutrition session (60-90 minutes session)


• £115 for couples follow up (30-45 minutes)


• £200 for supermarket session within 1 mile of Santi (60-90 minutes)


• £300 for supermarket session further than 1 mile of Santi (60-90 minutes)


• £400 for home visit/healthy cooking at home session for 1 person (60-90 minutes)


• Healthy cooking sessions for groups or individualised services for family menu planning, healthy cooking training for kitchen staff, planning sustainable eating at home, educational session for children/at work etc - these sessions are tailored made to suit requirements.




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