Benefits of pregnancy massage:


Joint pain relief


Reduced muscle tension


Improved circulation


Decreased varicose veins


Stress relief


Improved sleep


Improved mood


Reduced anxiety


*Please note we will only be able to provide pregnancy massage after the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.


Regular pregnancy massages have been shown to reduce significantly the amount of cortisol (the stress hormone) in the body and help improve labour pains leaving you feeling more relaxed and refreshed. The Santi pregnancy massage incorporates elements of different massage techniques to effectively relieve muscular aches and joint pain and reduce anxiety, common in expectant mothers.


Swedish massage is a technique developed by renowned physical therapist Per Herik Ling in the 1820s. This is combined with modern physiology to increase the flow of oxygen in the blood while reducing both emotional and physical stress. Incorporating modern knowledge of the body during pregnancy gives us the Santi pregnancy massage helping you maintain optimal wellbeing.


While targeting typical problem areas such as the lower back, hips and legs, pregnancy massage can also reduce water retention, puffiness and bloating by encouraging lymphatic drainage. The stimulation of feel-good endorphins can improve sleep and reduce fatigue and stress.


Our massage therapists are experienced in pregnancy massage and highly attuned to your needs and comfort. Your well-being is our priority. Santi oils are exclusively organic and plant-based – no parabens, no sulphates, no chemicals - so you can relax and enjoy a totally natural and pregnancy-safe experience.




*Please note we will only be able to provide pregnancy massage after the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.



(Body Massage)

Our 3 Lavender Body Massage is a multi-layered treatment aimed at easing pregnancy related stress. The stress relieving properties of lavender are legendary. We have harnessed these effects to deliver a profoundly refreshing experience which simultaneously works to ease back strain, heavy legs and tired feet. The calming effect of lavender combined with an effective toning massage will leave you feeling rejuvenated and recharged.  More ...




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