This is a very modern problem that we see often in clinic now, and it’s a good example of an area in which the Functional Medicine model is useful. There is a spectrum of imbalanced or disordered physical and biochemical function in between ‘healthy’ and a diagnosable illness. During this time, you may experience a host of symptoms, and know without doubt that something isn’t right, but when you see your doctor, you are told that your tests are normal or there’s no medical explanation for the way you feel.


You may be told that it’s likely to be stress or depression, that it’s normal to feel this way for various reasons such as ‘life in a big city is difficult’ or ‘you’re just getting older’, or even told that it’s all in your head. Sometimes people are actually given a diagnosis, such as irritable bowel syndrome, or chronic fatigue syndrome, and may be prescribed medication, but continue to suffer and are told that there’s nothing more that can be done for them.


The functional medicine approach to these chronic or unexplained cases seeks unravel the mystery of these symptoms by investigating the mechanisms by which healthy function is perturbed, and intervening at this level.


A 5R Program for health restoration is useful for unexplained and


chronic illness.


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