5 Skin Care Ingredients You Might Want to Avoid

Reading labels is often complicated with long chemical names that are usually incomprehensible. We’ve compiled 5 key ingredients that you should avoid if you are trying to lead a healthier natural lifestyle.


Companies are not required by law to list the chemical components of their fragrances. And synthetic scents often contain endocrine disruptors.  Unless the label says ‘fragrance free’ it’s never clear what’s in these products.  Luckily the EU has an organic certification scheme, so if you see this label then the fragrance is likely from a natural source like rose.


Found in hair-straightening products and nail polishes, this is a potent preservative but also a known human carcinogen.


Also termed polyethylene glycol derived from petroleum, contain dioxane: a carcinogen. Unfortunately these are found in sunscreens, deodorants and mascara.


A preservative which is a known endocrine disruptor and carcinogen. Commonly found in cosmetics and skincare.


Chemicals often found in nail polish or hair spray. They are known to disrupt the reproductive system.

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