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A non-invasive treatment, Botox is one of the best known and popular remedies for reducing the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles. Botox at Santi London is carried out by Plastic Surgeons. 

Skin Peels

At Santi we focus on ensuring our peel clients have a bespoke treatment plan that addresses their unique concerns – face, neck, hands or back. Specific peels for acne and pigmentation too.

PRP Skin Rejuvenation

PRP (or Platelet Rich Plasma) treatments introduce your own blood serum back into your skin or scalp to promote healing and reduce inflammation. PRP have a demonstrated benefit in revitalising the skin. 

There is a natural process of hair loss which is usually 50-100 hairs per day. This is normal. And part of the body’s natural process of renewal. However, for various reasons including genetics or severe stress we can go through hair loss that requires medical intervention early on to ensure a better management of the condition


Dermaroller (also known as microneedling) is a non-surgical treatment option working to improve the condition of the skin and stimulating collagen growth. This is an excellent option for hair growth. 

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