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Santi Glow Facial plus Spa Massage (2 hours)

Treat yourself or a loved one to our signature facial, the Santi Glow, and a Spa Massage of your choice.

We will allocate 60 minutes for each treatment. The facial can be tailored on the day if you find the Santi Glow is not the best suited for you. The spa massages on offer are the Deep Tissue, Swedish and Aromatherapy Massage



EGF Facial plus Spa Massage (3 hours)

The Santi Revive combines our EGF Facial, that included a session of Light Therapy with a 90-minute Spa Massage of choice. Perfect for when you want to recharge or when you just need pampering.

We will allocate 90 minutes for each treatment. The facial can be tailored to your specific needs. The spa massages on offer are the Deep Tissue, Swedish and Aromatherapy Massage



De – Stress Massage plus Red-Light Therapy (1 hour)

The Santi Restore combines the De Stress Massage, which focuses on the back, neck, and shoulders with a session of Red-Light Therapy that will help to optimise your skins health. The brightness and warmth of the red light can also be quite relaxing, especially if you love sunny beach days.

We allocate 30 minutes for each treatment. The massage can be adjusted if you would prefer to have legs or feet massaged instead of the back, neck, and shoulders, but given the limited time we will only be able to treat one area



Lymphatic or Cellulite Massage plus Aromatherapy Body Scrub (1 hour and 45 minutes)

The Santi Refine combines the Lymphatic or Cellulite massage with an invigorating Aromatherapy Body Scrub that will leave you feeling fresh and energized and your skin smooth and hydrated.

We allocate 60 minutes for the massage and 45 minutes for the body scrub. Please note that you will need to use our shower during this treatment. The body scrub is made on the day using a combination of shea butter, coco butter, coconut oil, argan oil and kelp salt



When you become a Santi Spa member you enjoy access to our exclusive services. Corporate memberships are also available



Eyebrow shaping is like an instant makeover. The right shape can flatter your eyes and transform your face. Let our highly experienced therapists find the perfect brow shape for you



If you’re forever defining your eyebrows with make-up, you might prefer brow tinting – the semi permanent alternative.

Please note that an allergy test is required 24 hours before your first tint


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