Aromatherapy Massage​

Essentially Swedish massage with the added benefit of essential oils

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage is essentially Swedish massage with the added benefit of essential oils. At Santi we have designed a profoundly recharging treatment by harnessing aromatherapy’s unique ability to both relax and energise. Essential oils have a dual therapeutic effect – while inhaling their perfume releases tension they are also absorbed through the skin, ensuring a multi-sensory, holistic experience. These profoundly relaxing properties make an aromatherapy massage ideal for addressing sleep problems, anxiety related complaints and daily stress.


What happens on the day?


Our aromatherapy massage is both indulgent and targeted. If you have a particular area of concern on the day, speak to your therapist prior to treatment – muscle tension, knots and strain can all be addressed. Before commencing, your therapist will create an individualised aromatherapy blend to maximise the healing benefits of your treatment – this will be based on your scent preferences, general state of mind and the level of stress you may be experiencing. As a general guide, oils such as lavender and geranium might be used to soothe, while sage, rosemary, neroli and rose are often used to uplift. Once the massage begins you will gradually become aware of different aromas which will change and intensify as the treatment progresses. Your therapist may make a note of the oils used – for you to replicate at home in an oil burner or bath. Our essential oils are all-natural, organically sourced plant oils – steam distilled for the highest purity.




What are the benefits?


The benefits of aromatherapy massage are multifaceted. A gentle yet therapeutic Swedish style massage combined with a bespoke aromatherapy blend can improve insomnia, depression and anxiety symptoms, PMS, chronic pain and much more.


Pre & Post Massage Treatment


As aromatherapy massage is intended to both relax and invigorate, there are things you can do to optimise the experience. Try to get a good night’s sleep the night before, ensure you are well hydrated and avoid large meals immediately prior to treatment. By eliminating any tiredness and discomfort you will be more receptive to the therapeutic effects of essential oils. Being alert to smell and sensation is an important aspect of this treatment – this is not a massage you want to sleep through. Similarly, try to avoid any strenuous activity afterwards – to maximise the systemic benefits of deep, whole-body relaxation. 


– Essential oils are very potent and can cause allergic reaction in some. Our essential oils are appropriately diluted in neutral, organic carrier oils but please advise your therapist if you dislike, or have reacted to, certain oils or scents.


– Some skin conditions preclude the use of essential oils. Any broken skin, bruises, rashes, unhealed wounds or painful areas should not be massaged or exposed to oils. If you are pregnant you may wish to consult your doctor before booking an aromatherapy massage – or – our pregnancy massage may be a better option in this instance.


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