Is Roaccutane effective?

Is Roaccutane effective?   Roaccutane (also known as isotretinoin) is a medication that is used to treat severe cases of acne. It is a form of vitamin A and works by reducing the amount of oil produced by the skin and preventing the formation of acne. Studies have shown that Roaccutane is highly effective in …

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prp facial

Vampire Facial

PRP Facial The PRP Facial or Vampire Facial shot to notoriety in 2013 when Kim Kardashian posted a picture of her bloodied face, post-treatment. Visceral reactions subsided as the procedure worked its way into the mainstream, and then out again as it was beset by a series of health scares and bad press. It’s still …

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Cellulite – What to do?

Cellulite – What is it Cellulite affects us all. Almost. It’s thought that up to ninety percent of women experience cellulite – mostly around the thighs, buttocks, hips and stomach but other areas such as the lower legs and arms are common too. Cellulite occurs when the fat deposits beneath the skin herniate, or push …

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Dermal Filler for Lips

Lip fillers or lip augmentation is one of the most googled beauty terms in UK. Sure, they are not for everyone but it does peek everyone’s curiosity.  Safe, gentle and effective one of the more enduring qualities is that they are not permanent.  They have a bad rep primarily because of celebrities who were a …

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Blue Light Therapy for Acne

LED Blue Light Therapy While red, white and blue LED Light Therapies are often used in combination at Santi, blue light’s ability to eradicate acne makes it a premium treatment. Acne light therapy works by penetrating just below the skin’s surface, blue light targets acne at the source by regulating over-active oil glands and killing …

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