Botox Treatment for Bruxism

Approximately  six million people in the UK grind their teeth as they sleep which could not only lead to morning headaches – and  keep your partner awake at night with the noise –   the damage can lead to expensive dental work due to eroded enamel.  Clenching the jaw is not only painful, it puts a strain on the ligaments and could cause clicking and while a mouthguard worn at night can help, it’s noteworthy that 70 percent of jaw bruxism –  the medical term for the condition – is caused by stress.  But however much meditation, yoga and rolling a marble device over the area to relax the muscles, it won’t give that much relief from uncomfortable stress to the muscles around the face or reduce visits to the dentist.


This is where Botox comes in; by injecting the masseter muscles that sit along the side of the jaw,  which controls chewing and raising and closing the mouth, the muscles are relaxed which means reduced grinding.  For anyone who has suffered from bruxism the result of the treatments are liberating from the constant soreness of a tense jaw.


At Santi, a specially trained doctor will place Botox in two areas into the masseter muscle on each side of the jaw as the patient clenches their teeth.  The procedure has another advantage – in a couple of weeks, the jaw will be slimmed down in appearance as the muscles stop being overworked and become less bulky and in addition, cheekbones become more defined.


How much does Botox for jaw clenching cost?


Botox for bruxism at our South Kensington clinic costs £600 which includes a free consultation and follow up after 2 weeks post-treatment.


On rare occasion there may be variation in price for pronounced jaw muscles in men.


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