Cosmetic Injections for Neck Line Treatment

One of the lesser known applications for Botox is  the neck area and more specifically the vertical and horizontal bands and jowls often referred to as ‘necklace bands’ or less flatteringly, a ‘turkey neck.’

Unlike strong upper arm muscles that most of us aspire too, the overstimulated platysma muscle, that runs from the lower cheek and down to and over the clavicles across the curve of the neck tightens to give the chicken-feet appearance.

The damage also comes from the natural loss of elasticity in the skin as time moves on, the way your head sits on your shoulders –  a jutting chin will exacerbate the issue for example – and UV damage.   The problem is increasing with the advent of technology and the smartphone; glance at any street you will see, of the 79% British adults who have a smartphone will be craning their head resulting in ‘tech-neck.’

During the procedure, Botox is injected into the platysma bands and the effect is tightening with results in just a few days plus it’s also relatively painless due to the skin being thicker in that area.  As one of the most effective uses of Botox in the neck gives the benefits of a smoother, lifted neck and a better-defined chin lasting approximately six months.

Sometimes referred to as the ‘Nefertiti neck-lift, another advantage is the lifting of the chin and the definition of the jawline with the aim to replicate as much as possible the famed Queen of Egypt’s elegant swan-like neck – rather than a turkey-like alternative.

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