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Our focus is on what we are good at.  Over 3 decades of contacts at our fingertips.  Who really is the best?  We know because we are insiders rubbing shoulders with the best.

But then we're also here for the more mundane day-to-day requests too

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What does our Medical Concierge Service do?


Our medical concierge service is a specialized type of healthcare service that provides personalized assistance to Santi clients seeking medical care.


The service offers a range of benefits, such as arranging medical appointments, coordinating healthcare service providers, facilitating access to healthcare facilities, and providing insightful information about healthcare providers and medical procedures so that you can make a more nuanced decision.


Our medical concierge service is typically offered to our clients who are seeking specialized medical care, such as elective procedures or treatments that require a referral to a sought-after specialist. These services can also be used by individuals who are seeking medical care in a new location, or who require assistance navigating the healthcare system in UK.