Filler Treatments for Hands

In the past aesthetic hand care typically focused on pigmentation and other irregularities of the skin. While the minimising of sun and age spots is key in keeping hands young, the rise of dermal filler has expanded the scope of hand rejuvenation. The loss of dermal elasticity and subcutaneous volume are two factors that can be addressed with hand filler treatment. Fat grafting has also been used to supplement soft tissue loss but proved comparatively unreliable, with viscous filler product the undisputed go-to option for improving hand appearance.


Do our hands reveal our age?

The hands, along with the neck – apparently – reveal our age. Whether this is true or not, hands are a common cause of concern. Ageing, weight loss, sun damage, environmental factors, long term exposure to soaps & household products – all these factors can affect our hands, but none more so than the gradual depletion of collagen and fat stores. A typically lean area to begin with, hands can become bony with prominent underlying structures like veins and tendons. When coupled with skin thinning, hands can appear prematurely aged. This can be especially frustrating if your face and neck skin is well cared for and in good condition. Hand rejuvenation can restore a balance – quickly and discretely.

How does hand filler work?

Hyaluronic acid (HA) based dermal fillers are able to address two age-related issues – volume loss and skin thinning – simultaneously. As with other filler treatments, volume addition is accompanied by intense and long-term hydration via the water-retaining properties of HA. The same rejuvenation technique used to plump and soften facial skin is successful on the hands as ridges and veins are ‘smoothed’ and the skin texture is improved. Restylane or Radiesse, in particular, distribute slow-release hyaluronic acid deep into the dermis – to hydrate and strengthen skin while adding volume to create a smoother, more youthful-looking contour.


What will happen on the day?

Perhaps surprisingly, the delicate skin on the backs of the hands has fewer nerve endings than other areas, meaning any associated pain is minimal. A topical anaesthetic is applied prior to treatment and many filler products themselves contain anaesthetic – further mitigating any discomfort. A thicker filler is used in hand filler treatment – creating a smooth and more consistent contour as soft tissue volume is gradually increased. The series of injections is quick and the results are immediate – effects lasting anywhere between 6 months and 2 years. This

type of filler treatment is typically effective for 12 months, the one year point being a good option for consultation and top up.

While hand filler is a relatively simple procedure with no significant down-time, it is important to take care of your hands in the days following treatment. Minimise any strenuous activity and be sure to avoid extremes of temperature – especially heat. After the initial 24 hours, or after any swelling has resolved, you are free to go about your normal activities.

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