Jaw Line Filler Treatment

Like cheek filler, jawline filler is a cosmetic procedure which enhances facial structure to yield a significant and transformative result. Otherwise known as ‘mandible augmentation’ or ‘non-surgical jaw enhancement,’ jawline filler introduces a viscous product to give shape and increase volume. It is often assumed that the chin, jaw and jowl area can only be augmented with surgery, however – with minimal downtime and minimal discomfort, this non-invasive and non-surgical treatment can provide an exceptional outcome.

An undefined jaw, a small or rounded chin and sagging ‘jowls’ are common aesthetic complaints. The jowl area can show signs of slackening or loosening early in the ageing process and can exacerbate an existing weak jaw contour. Loose jowl skin, in particular, can add years and be very distressing as it may seem impossible to deal with non-invasively. Excess skin, however, can be addressed with dermal filler treatment if it is not too far advanced. The adding of volume has a lifting effect which can effectively minimise skin sagging non-surgically. This strategic ‘building-up’ of volume creates an enhanced (and younger-looking) silhouette – either dramatic and masculine or more feminine and shapely.

When you opt to have a jawline procedure, soft and malleable gel product is injected along the jawline, into the chin and even into the cheek area – boosting the lower half of the face and creating definition, partly via an aesthetic illusion. By increasing the distinction between face and neck, the jaw and the neck itself appear more defined. Filler mimics the role of jaw bone, fundamentally transforming the mandibular region and creating a more sculpted appearance. Similarly, a soft or receding chin can be built up, defined – and smoothed. The ultra-hydrating effect of hyaluronic acid based filler product can smooth the skin in addition to transforming its contours.

Prior to treatment it is important to discuss your concerns and desired outcome in detail with your consultant. Jawline filler has seen a huge surge in popularity (arguably) due to instagram – and it is important to be realistic about what can be achieved ‘in real life.’ While everyone can benefit from jawline augmentation, results vary greatly according to your existing facial structure. No two results are the same and your consultant should be clear as to the aesthetic options available to you.

There is a significant subjective, or discretionary, element to this procedure. Unlike some anti-ageing filler treatments, these aesthetic decisions are subtle and many, and vary from patient to patient. Jawline filler can involve multiple syringes of filler product with a significant amount of post-injection manipulation. A practised eye is essential – as well as an experienced hand. As ever, at Santi we recommend a plastic surgeon over a less qualified aesthetic practitioner.

Side-effects are few and unusual, the most common being minor bruising or swelling around the injection sites. This should not be significant and returning to work the same day is common. Jaw filler can last anywhere between 6 and 24 months, with the 12 month mark being an ideal top up point.

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