Increasingly popular, PRP (or Platelet Rich Plasma) treatments introduce your own blood product back into your skin or scalp to kickstart cell growth, promote healing and reduce inflammation.

One advantage of PRP is the security of using your body’s own cells – PRP treatments will never induce an allergic or adverse reaction, limiting the chance of side-effects and downtime.




PRP skin treatments have been nicknamed ‘vampire facials’ – but don’t be put off by the spin. The powerful anti-ageing effect of the PRP facial is attributed to an increased rate of cell production, mimicking the behaviour of young skin.

At the start of the procedure blood is drawn and put through a centrifuge to extract the PRP – which is then applied to the skin, with or without micro-needling. PRP is high in growth factors which initiate collagen synthesis and cell turnover – minimising pores and lines and improving texture.

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