Skin Care before CO2 Laser Treatment

  • Preparation for CO2 laser treatment

This is important to ensure the best results and minimize potential complications. Please follow these guidelines carefully:

4 Weeks Before Treatment:

    1. Sun Exposure: Avoid tanning and heavy sun exposure. It is essential to protect your skin from UV damage. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30 daily during this period.
    2. Medications: Do not use medications that can make your skin more sensitive to the sun, such as doxycycline or minocycline, for at least 3 days before your treatment.
    3. History of Herpes or Shingles: If you have a history of herpes (such as oral cold sores or genital herpes) or shingles in the treatment area, your doctor may recommend starting antiviral medication (such as valacyclovir or acyclovir) two days before treatment and continuing it for three days after treatment to reduce the risk of outbreaks.
    4. Hydration: To prevent dehydration, make sure to eat and drink adequately before the procedure.

Day of Procedure:

    1. Clothing: Dress in comfortable, low-neck, and loose-fitting clothing. Buttoned or zippered shirts are preferred.
    2. Cosmetics and Jewellery: Do not wear makeup, jewellery, cosmetic creams, hair products, deodorant, sunscreen, or piercings on the day of your procedure.
    3. Face Preparation: Wash your face thoroughly before the treatment and refrain from applying any products to your face afterward, including lotion, sunscreen, or makeup

Procedure Details:

Before the CO2 laser procedure, several important steps will be taken:

    1. Consultation: You will have a consultation with your doctor to discuss the treatment and receive a prescription for prophylaxis. The doctor will organize and provide the necessary medications for your recovery.
    2. Pre-Procedure Preparation: Your doctor will see you before the procedure to prepare and clarify any questions or concerns. You will sign a consent form to authorize the procedure, and if necessary, antiviral tablets and an optional sedative will be administered.
    3. Anaesthetic Preparation: Anaesthetic preparation may include the application of topical local anaesthetic gel. In some cases, additional anaesthetic techniques such as tumescent anaesthesia or nerve blocks may be used.
    4. Procedure Duration: The CO2 laser procedure typically takes around 30-45 minutes to complete. Most patients experience a moderate level of discomfort, described as a prickly burning sensation.
    5. Post-Procedure Care: After the procedure, your face may feel very hot, similar to a sunburn sensation. A barrier cream like CU3 cream or Eucerin Aquaphor cream will be applied to protect your skin from dehydration and infection.

Aftercare Instructions:

Strictly follow these aftercare instructions:

    1. Face Washing: Wash your face twice daily, in the morning and before bedtime, using a gentle cleanser recommended by your doctor.
    2. Moisturizer: Apply Aquaphor or Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to maintain a moist environment on your skin for the first month.
    3. Sunscreen: Avoid sun exposure for at least two to three weeks after the procedure. Only start using sunscreen with SPF 50 as recommended by your doctor.
    4. Avoid Irritants: Do not use any other moisturizers or healing balms for three months. Avoid using silicone-based dressings.
    5. No Masks: Refrain from wearing masks for three months to prevent inflammation and scarring.
    6. Shaving: Avoid razor shaving for the first month. Use a beard trimmer tentatively after day 14.
    7. Makeup and Skincare Products: Gradually reintroduce makeup and skincare products 12 weeks after the procedure. Consult with your doctor for recommendations.
    8. Consultation and Monitoring: Attend a 3-month in-clinic review with your doctor to assess your progress and discuss your future skincare routine.

Please adhere to these guidelines diligently to promote proper healing and achieve the best results from your CO2 laser treatment. Your doctor will provide personalized advice and monitor your recovery closely.