Botox and Blepharospasm

Blepharospasm and Botox Blepharospasm is a distressing condition, not to be confused with myokymia, the more common quivering of the eyelid. Defined as the ‘involuntary tight closure of the eyelids,’ blepharospasm can ease after several days or manifest as a chronic and life-altering muscle disorder. In a healthy eye, the blinking mechanism works to protect

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Botox in the Treatment of Muscle Spasm

Botox for the Treatment of Muscle Spasms: Enhancing Physical Relief Muscle spasm, a condition characterized by involuntary and often painful muscle contractions, can be incredibly debilitating. While Botox is widely recognized for its cosmetic applications, its unique ability to interrupt the connection between muscles and the brain also makes it a valuable tool in alleviating

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Botox – what you need to know

Botox is an effective and popular facial wrinkle treatment. If you’re new to Botox treatment, the following questions will help you to decide whether Botox is right for you. Although the results are not permanent, the decision to do botox is a combination of your aesthetic requirements and a detailed discussion with your doctor on

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The Other Faces of Botox

Botox has a long history of accidental discovery. First used by ophthalmologists to relax strabismus or crossed eyes, Botox’s cosmetic potential began as an unexpected side effect. Cue a revolution in aesthetic treatment! It shouldn’t surprise us then that Botox is increasingly being used in further unexpected ways. Here are just a few: Migraines Botox

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Radical Hydration – How Skin Fillers are Changing

Radical Hydration – The Evolution of Skin Fillers and the Power of Hyaluronic Acid In the dynamic world of aesthetics, the evolution of dermal fillers continues to captivate with innovative breakthroughs. Among these advancements, the extraordinary potential of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) has emerged as a game-changer, redefining the essence of non-surgical rejuvenation. As Santi London

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