pregnancy massage

Santi Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage   The Santi pregnancy massage incorporates elements of the Swedish massage and is designed to relieve muscular aches and pains in your joints as well as reducing anxiety which can be common in pregnant mothers. Regular pregnancy massages have also been shown to significantly reduce the amount of cortisol (the stress hormone) in […]

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Leg Cramps During Pregnancy

It’s hard enough being pregnant in the hot summer months, without the added extra of suffering from leg cramps. This summer during the particularly warm spells I have had numerous clients telling me about their interrupted night’s sleep due to cramping and asking why it happens. Leg cramps are painful involuntary muscle contractions which typically

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Pregnancy Massage: the benefits

SANTI’S 7 – 7 Benefits of Pregnancy Massage   ·      Physical benefits to counter the change in your body throughout the second and third trimesters ·      Emotional support, stress relief and hormone stabilisation ·      Relaxation to encourage a better night’s sleep Pregnancy is a wonderful experience, however it is also a time where a woman

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