The How To of Massage – Escaping the London Rush

Most people have had a massage at least once in their lifetime; and most people have enjoyed it. And in general have had a good experience. Unfortunately, there are a few unlucky ones who just can’t seem to get the right fix. Anything can go wrong: the music is too loud; or feels like a church organ; the room is cold; the therapist has lathered you in an oil that is way too scented; and you now feel like you need to take 3 showers to get rid of the smell; or worse, the therapist decides to sit in a chair for the duration of the treatment and has opted to stroke you like you would a cat or dog for the entire session(!). The last one is a definite personal experience. In reality, having a good experience shouldn’t be so difficult.


Now, its true everyone is different: and what is pleasing to some people may be very off putting to others. But there are a few simple things that you can do to ensure that the treatment you are getting is the best possible for your needs and also ensure your expectations are not underwhelmed.


Timing is very important.

The time of day that you decide to book your treatment can have an influence on the outcome of the experience. Some people feel energised or invigorated after a massage, even after a relaxing massage, they can go into work or be productive after the treatment. Others will have a feeling of almost numbness or peace that invites for cosy or laid back after environments, like a sofa or a bed!

Don’t rush the appointment. When you book a treatment always add at least an extra 20m to the appointment. This will allow time for any delays or for an after treatment treat.


Let the therapist know what type of massage you would like.  Experienced and qualified therapists will be able to tell what you need. But you must decide ultimately what you need in terms of remedial and or relaxing.


Breathe!  Yes, during the treatment, particularly a deep tissue massage, it can be at times painful. But breathe; don’t hold your breath as this tenses up the muscles even more.  Keep a dialogue with your therapist and let her know what you like, don’t like and when it feels too uncomfortable.


Ultimately this is your ‘me’ time. So relax and let experienced therapists take you to a temporary state outside and away from London for that hour.


Drink water. It’s important to be re-hydrated after a massage to flush out the toxins.  Herbal teas or warm water with lemon are a must.


If you have had a deep tissue or sports massage do use heat packs to alleviate the soreness. Gentle stretching is important too. Or take a nice hot bath with Epsom salts.


Other than the immediate feeling that everything in your body was put back in place, a good massage treatment will also have a positive impact on your general health.


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