Weight Loss, Cellulite Reduction and Fitness

As part of our ongoing evolution, we are the first centre in UK to incorporate a weight loss programme using novel devices from cutting-edge research companies. We have partnered with E-Fitness and Lipo-Light to bring you a novel therapy for weight loss, cellulite reduction and body tone.

The programme works first by using LED light to dissolve the fat. The treatment takes 20mins with you lying down and relaxing. There is no sensation except for mild heat where the pads are attached. The treatment efficacy is derived from the fact that the light reaches the fat layer (or subcutaneous layer) and activates the fat cells. In this stage the lymphatic system is able to drain the fat away.

However, the fat still remains in your system. And it must be burnt off or it will lodge back into the body.

So we have combined this treatment with E-Fitness. This Hungarian biotechnology company has evolved an unique EMS System to tone muscle fibres and improve performance. During the treatment the muscles then also burn off calories.

So the magic combination gives you superior results in muscle tone, fitness and weight loss!