A Guide To Laser Hair Removal

Options abound when it comes to treating unwanted body and facial hair; from shaving to waxing, epilating, threading and the use of depilatory creams. But for the longest-lasting results experts unanimously advise the use of lasers.

One of the most popular treatments at Santi London, laser hair removal works well on all body areas – including the face – leaving a smooth aesthetic without compromising skin health.

How laser hair removal works

Over the course of recent decades scientists discovered that different wavelengths of laser light can be used on the skin for different outcomes.

Certain wavelengths treat acne, others stimulate collagen production, and there are several that can effectively terminate the hair at its root. In this case, the light energy from the laser enters the skin and is absorbed by melanin surrounding the hair follicle. When targeted with the laser in the right stage of hair growth, the follicle overheats damaging the bulb and preventing further hair growth.

At Santi, this time-tested technology meets state-of-the-art equipment which employs a longer wavelength with an innovative cooling system. This provides optimum efficacy, safety and long-lasting results.

The benefits of laser hair removal

Laser treatment offers long-term hair reduction, an advantage it has over other hair removal alternatives. Perhaps surprisingly, it’s potentially the most time- and cost-effective of methods, too.

Plus, there are skin health benefits, including the avoidance of shaving rashes, and ingrown hairs which often result from waxing.

What laser hair removal feels like

Often, laser hair removal isn’t as painful as people anticipate and is considered as tolerable as other methods of hair removal like waxing. But, as with all treatments, it depends on the individual’s pain threshold and the area of skin being treated. As one might expect, sensitive areas such as the bikini and underarms may be more uncomfortable.

The sensation smarts in short, sharp bursts and can be likened to an elastic band being snapped against the skin. However, the constant, swift movement of the laser device makes it more tolerable. A topical anaesthetic cream can also be applied to the skin, helping numb the area prior to procedure.

Our experts at Santi London advise taking paracetamol for mild pain relief and avoiding caffeine prior to treatments, as it can make you more sensitive.

Maintaining laser hair removal results

For the best results long-term, a course of treatment (usually six sessions or more) is recommended to ensure all hairs are targeted at the various growth cycles.

While laser hair removal is mostly permanent, over time new hairs can grow meaning maintenance sessions may be needed.

Suitable candidates for laser hair removal

Thanks to advanced technology, laser hair removal is now effective regardless of skin and hair colour, except in the case of white hair. Due to its lack of melanin the laser cannot see it, and therefore the hair does not absorb sufficient energy for the follicle to be terminated.

Naturally, the treatment is most effective on those with dark hair and pale skin. For this reason, you should wait until any sun tan has faded back to your natural skin tone, so the laser can better distinguish between the hair and skin.

It is not suitable for expectant and breastfeeding mothers, due to hormonal changes that can affect hair regrowth.

For all others, to ensure maximum compatibility a consultation is always advised.

What to expect from a consultation

At Santi London we offer a free consultation with one of our expertly trained therapists holding a wealth of experience in laser technology. During the consultation we will carry out a patch test as part of our safety procedure and explain the laser hair removal process in detail.

We will create a treatment plan based around your individual skin and hair type, and the areas being treated.

You will also have the chance to ask any questions you have regarding the laser treatment and other options, plus receive preparation instructions and aftercare advise.

For more information visit our laser hair removal FAQs here, and find a price list here.

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