Is it safe to inject 10ml filler Juvederm Restylane

In aesthetics and facial rejuvenation is it safe to inject 10ml filler into the face? what are the downsides?


Injecting 10ml of filler into the face is not a standard or recommended practice in aesthetics and facial rejuvenation. The amount of filler used in a particular treatment depends on various factors, including the individual’s facial anatomy, desired outcome, and the professional judgment of the treating practitioner. Typically, filler treatments involve using smaller volumes of filler, ranging from 0.5ml to 4ml per session.


Using an excessive amount of filler, such as 10ml, carries several downsides and potential risks:



Injecting a large volume of filler can result in an unnatural or overfilled appearance, leading to a distorted facial appearance. It may also hinder natural facial expressions and mobility.


Facial asymmetry:

Uneven distribution of a large amount of filler can cause facial asymmetry, where one side of the face looks different from the other.


Poor aesthetic outcome

Using an excessive amount of filler can lead to unsatisfactory aesthetic results, as the face may appear disproportionately augmented or exaggerated.

Increased risk of complications: The risk of complications, such as lumps, bumps, infections, or vascular compromise, can increase with larger volumes of filler. It may be more challenging to correct or manage these complications with such a significant amount of filler.


Higher cost:

Using larger amounts of filler significantly increases the cost of the treatment without necessarily providing better results. More filler does not always equate to better outcomes, and it may not be cost-effective in the long run.

It is crucial to consult with a qualified and experienced aesthetic practitioner who can assess your individual needs and provide appropriate recommendations based on your facial anatomy and desired outcome. They will determine the optimal amount of filler required to achieve natural-looking results while prioritizing your safety and minimizing potential risks.


Can it ever result in a positive outcome?


Injecting a large volume of filler, even if distributed all over the face, does not necessarily guarantee a positive outcome. It’s important to understand that the goal of aesthetic treatments, including filler injections, is to enhance and rejuvenate the natural appearance of the face while maintaining harmony and balance.


Using a significant amount of filler can lead to an unnatural or exaggerated appearance, even if it is distributed throughout the face. Overfilling certain areas or injecting excessive filler can result in a “puffy” or “overstuffed” look, which is generally not desired in aesthetic treatments.


Furthermore, injecting a large amount of filler increases the risk of complications and can make it more challenging to achieve a natural-looking result. As mentioned earlier, complications such as lumps, bumps, infections, or vascular compromise can be more likely with higher volumes of filler.