Massage – Which one is right for you?

Massage – Which one is right for you?

We all know massage can relieve muscle tension, stress and even help with chronic pain – but the the different categories of massage are less well understood. We often turn to massage seeking a general sense of wellbeing, but what are the specific benefits available to us? Your lifestyle, employment, age and general health should all be factors in your treatment selection – for instance, did you know that Remedial (or ‘Sports’ Massage) can correct your posture with far-reaching results? As well as bringing relief, posture correction through massage can actually counter-act the long-term detrimental effects of a sedentary job. Our Remedial Massage therapists can identify which muscle areas are weakened by sitting and help you with balancing and strengthening measures. Conversely, our more specifically ‘stress-relieving’ massages have proven holistic benefits – massage has been shown to improve sleep, immune function and anxiety related mood problems. Here we look at which massage is right for you, and when:


Remedial Massage (High Intensity)


Remedial massage, often specified as ‘Sports Massage’ can seem off-putting if you don’t have a specific sports related injury or weakness. In reality this is the most intense massage available, and if you’re a massage veteran it’s probably for you! This treatment works by stimulating your lymph fluids and blood circulation, making it ideal for not only sports injuries and chronic pain, but anyone who feels their movement range and flexibility could be improved. This massage focuses on strengthening ligaments and tendons, preventing injury and improving flexibility – all means of contributing to general maintenance and wellbeing.


Deep Tissue Massage (Medium Intensity)


Treatments at this level of intensity include the Santi Deep Tissue and Swedish Massages: Deep Tissue Massage focuses on different layers of tissue (muscle, tendons and fascia), working to relax, lengthen, and release strain, realigning posture and allowing you to move freely again. Deep Tissue Massage can be more specifically concentrated on areas of concern than classic Swedish. Swedish Massage is the Western Standard in generalised massage therapy, a longstanding and influential technique proven to improve circulation, release toxins and effectively address tendons, ligaments and joints. Long, gliding strokes are combined with kneading and various classic pressure applications to relax the entire body. The targeted firm pressure of a Swedish massage has many associated benefits including an increased range of motion, pain relief and long-term tension release.


Specialised Massage (Lower Intensity)


We offer treatments designed to target cellulite, ease the stresses of pregnancy and improve your wellbeing through the ancient practice of aromatherapy: Pregnancy Massage can ease muscular and joint discomfort and relieve feelings of anxiety and stress by inducing a mood enhancing hormonal response. Our highly skilled, specialised therapists will provide you with a personalised treatment, drawing on elements of Swedish Massage and tailored to your changing needs. (Please note we will only be able to provide pregnancy massage after the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.) Cellulite Massage will help to smooth the ‘orange peel’ effect often found on the backs of thighs, buttocks, hips and stomach. Cellulite is formed when fat deposits collect beneath the skin, protruding through connective tissue and creating a dimpled effect. Exercise and diet alone won’t address these specific problem areas whereas massage can directly target cellulite structure. Additionally, lymph nodes are drained, water retention is prevented, and detoxification is kickstarted. Aromatherapy Massage has a dual therapeutic effect – while inhaling essential oils releases tension, they are also absorbed through the skin ensuring a multi-sensory and holistic experience. A profoundly relaxing treatment, the Aromatherapy Massage is ideal for addressing sleep problems, anxiety related complaints and even eczema.