Natural Skin Care in Winter

As the weather changes we often feel we need to adjust our skincare regimen. Specifically, as the temperature drops we reach for ‘richer’ or stronger skin products – natural alternatives may seem less viable as the harsher winter atmosphere sets in. Santi has recently teamed up with aromatherapy based cosmetics brand Âroms Natur, with a focus on all-organic anti-ageing. Here we set out how you can maintain a natural approach to your skincare throughout the winter – if you choose – simply by making informed product choices.

Toner & Make-up Remover

Âroms Natur Bio Floral Cleansing Toner & Make-up Remover ‘Urban Detox’ 

The biggest skin issue posed by the cold weather is dryness. Long term exposure to modern, polluted environments (i.e. London) can exacerbate dryness by inhibiting the skin’s oxygen absorption and interrupting hydration balance. Astringent, alcohol-based cleansers and toners are often the first port of call due to the ‘clean’ feeling after application. In reality, while alcohol will remove contaminants, the by-product is further dryness and stripped, under-nourished skin. By using a phyto-active (plant-based), alcohol-free cleanser/toner, you can achieve the same deep clean feeling without cost to your skin health. In the right combination plant extracts can be just as effective as their chemical counterparts. Âroms Natur Bio Floral Cleansing Toner & Make-up Remover ‘Urban Detox’ is available for both dry and oily skin.

Day Moisturiser

Âroms Natur 12 H Ultra-Hydrating Day Cream

Choosing a day cream in the winter months can be confusing. It can be tempting to opt for something unduly heavy to counter-act surface dryness and chapping. Over-compensating like this can, of course, lead to break-outs – which when combined with dryness creates a ‘perfect storm’ for your skin. You can avoid this seasonal crisis by being precise as to the nature of your skin and avoiding heavy, comedogenic ingredients. Âroms Natur 12 H Ultra-Hydrating Day Creams (for oily Skin, sensitive skin & dry skin) are formulated with organically farmed flower and plant oils such as Camellia Japonica Seed Oil & Magnolia Grandiflora Leaf Extract – selected for their lightness, mildness and hypoallergenic properties. This is moisturising with a light and careful touch.

Night Moisturiser

Âroms Natur Silky Serum

On cold evenings too, it can be tempting to over-moisturise. Again, the key to maintaining your skin’s hydration balance is to always select products specifically for your skin type. Âroms Natur Silky Serum has three formulations – for dry, oily and sensitive skin. Entirely derived from vegetable oils, Silky Serum is quickly absorbed into the skin, working to restore volume and plumpness overnight. Labelled a ‘Midnight Recovery Concentrate’ each formulation centres around a star ingredient – Paramela from Patagonia for sensitive skin, Copaiba from Brazil for oily skin and Y-Lang Y-Lang from Madagascar for dry skin. These ingredients address the relevant skin-type by harnessing age-old aromatherapy practices – reminding us that natural alternatives can be as targeted and specific in their clinical aims as traditional cosmetics.