Thrix Laser Cap

£ 1,100


Product Description

Introducing the Thríx Hair Restoration Laser Cap – your at-home solution to combat and reverse the effects of hereditary hair loss (androgenetic alopecia). Whether you’re dealing with mild or moderate AGA, Thríx’s cutting-edge technology is engineered to revitalize thinning hair. It provides extensive scalp coverage with 272 professional-grade laser diodes, promoting more effective and quicker results through even distribution of laser energy.

FDA-cleared and clinically proven, the Thríx cap is designed to thicken hair, halt the progression of hair loss, and foster new growth in both men and women. Its user-friendly, safe, and effective approach involves no medication or invasive procedures.


Comfortable Cap Design Experience hair restoration with comfort and convenience. The Thríx cap’s casual baseball design fits flexibly, allowing you hands-free usage while you continue with your daily routine.

Professional Laser Technology Employing medical-grade laser diodes, Thríx penetrates hair follicles more effectively than LED-based home devices, offering a superior solution in stimulating hair growth.

Comprehensive Scalp Coverage With 272 laser diodes and our continuous wave technology, Thríx delivers uniform laser energy across the entire scalp, ensuring all areas receive optimal treatment.

Safety Sensors Built-in safety sensors automatically deactivate the lasers if the cap is not securely fitted, protecting your eyes from direct exposure to low-level laser light.

Carry Case Your Thríx comes with a sleek, lightweight carry case, making it easy to protect your device and travel conveniently.