Bridal Beauty Preparations

How do brides prepare for a wedding at Santi?

With so much going on leading up to the big day, our 3 month plan ensures that at the very least a major part of your concerns are handled by us; followed up on; appointments scheduled in advance with weekly follow ups to see how you are getting on. Our beauty plan is not just detailed, but bespoke to your requirements, advanced in what we can do for your skin, and followed up on by our practitioners so that when the big day comes you are more than ready.

We begin with a detailed skin analysis using our proprietary Skin Lab which measures key parameters in your skin health including taking a picture of your collagen, technical hydration levels, rate at which your skin is losing its moisture. With a comprehensive analysis of your skin we are able to plan a treatment regimen that will help you reach your goals over the coming months.

We also discuss what your key goals are; and what concerns you most from needing a general pick-me-up to sun damage and pigmentation and wrinkles. We then discuss the options from holistic and organic to something more enhancing or treatments incorporating medical aesthetics and lasers.

The approach is always individualised; and it’s never one treatment fits all approach.

Most of our programmes start with the Skin Lab and a consultation with either a nutritionist or dietician to see how diet can also provide you with increased energy levels, help calm nerves during stressful periods and ensure the best skin possible.

Our Spa Juicery has a range of vegetable juices and shorts with a wide-ranging effect to improve skin metabolism. The ingredients are carefully researched and chosen to enhance skin energy levels and wellbeing and boost immunity.

Nutraceuticals and collagen peptide drinks are recommended as an adjunct therapy together with a range of carefully chosen serums for their skin boosting effects.

Happiness and wellbeing is also important with a programme of remedial massages to target stress levels. Our massages are medical in nature; very specialised with highly trained therapists with Masters degrees. We include physiotherapy to improve posture, stand tall and proud, bring in protruding shoulder blades and generally enhance wellbeing.

With this combined approach we ensure you approach your big day feeling your very best.

And these treatments do not just benefit you for the one day but for the long term.