Cellulite – What to do?

Cellulite – What is it

Cellulite affects us all. Almost. It’s thought that up to ninety percent of women experience cellulite – mostly around the thighs, buttocks, hips and stomach but other areas such as the lower legs and arms are common too. Cellulite occurs when the fat deposits beneath the skin herniate, or push through, the connective tissue above – creating an uneven and dimpled effect on the skin. The occurrence is higher in women than men due to a higher fat to muscle ratio, and because this connective tissue is distributed differently – in men it tends to contain the fat more effectively in acriss-cross design. Other factors include age and hormones (depleting oestrogen levels are through to worsen cellulite formation), genetics – and lifestyle.Low circulation – due to ageing, inactivity or smoking – is key to the formation and intensity of cellulite.

Quitting smoking, staying active and not standing or sitting still for very long periods of time are all good ways to minimise its development, as is a high-fibre / low-fat diet with regular exercise. But even the very leanest (and teenagers) are subject to cellulite – so what to do?


Cellulite – What to do?

A balanced combination of healthy lifestyle adjustments and clinical therapy is thought to be the most effective approach – the first to improve underlying systemic causes and the second to stimulate circulation and manually encourage a smoother contour. Cellulite Massage and Viora Radio Frequency Treatment are two clinical approaches we offer at Santi – both address cellulite directly and both are most effective on an ongoing basis. But which is right for you?The Santi Cellulite Massage is a highly effective and intensive treatment which quite literally ‘smooths out’ the ‘orange peel’ effect. By stimulating blood flow to the cellulite affected areas your massage therapist can help to reinvigorate connective tissue as well as flush out excess fluid. The lumpy appearance of cellulite can actually be eased by lymphatic drainage and associated water retention – it’s part manual therapy, part detox. Cellulite Massage directly targets cellulite structure and can, if regularly administered, contribute to a healthy weight loss and toning programme. Visible results are noticeable after the first massage, but repeated treatments will, of course, increase and prolong the effects.

As with cellulite targeted massage, Radio Frequency Treatment gets the best results when combined with regular exercise. While exercise is not a cure-all for cellulite, increased muscle strength can result in a smoother skin appearance. Viora Skin Tightening enhances this process with a fast, non-invasive and pain-free therapy. With multi radio frequency channels and a patented CORE technology, Viora Skin Tightening does just that – it approaches cellulite from the outside and tightens the skin in any affected area. Viora in combination with a committed diet and exercise regimen is a powerful and quickly visible antidote to a difficult aesthetic issue. Cellulite is tricky and needs to be approached from multiples angles. In addition to these treatments, topical applications like targeted dry oils and even collagen based dietary supplements can aid in combatting cellulite. Come in to Santi and we’ll help you decide on the right combined approach to address your specific concerns.