Dermal Filler for Lip Augmentation

Lip fillers

or lip augmentation is one of the most googled beauty terms in UK. Sure, they are not for everyone but it does peek everyone’s curiosity.  Safe, gentle and effective one of the more enduring qualities is that they are not permanent.  They have a bad rep primarily because of celebrities who were a little too curious and had some very poor results.  Even today, the extraordinarily large lips is not what we aim for.  Discrete augmentation to give the lips a subtle lift makes for a beautiful look.  Permanent fillers are very much in the past.  It’s something you should not consider at all. This is because for however small the risk of not getting the look you want; it is permanent.  Also, your facial dynamics will change with age; and you want your lips and other facial contours to change with the ageing process.  Kylie Jenner is possibly the most famous celebrity who has had a lip augmentation.


What are lip fillers?

Today’s lip fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, a substance found naturally in the body, synthetically manufactured in laboratories with very high purity and most interestingly of all and which makes it a good filler substance is that it holds 1000 times it’s weight in water.  Even more interesting is that as the HA degrades it dissipates into water leaving no trace! This filler substance is not just for lips, but also for wrinkles along your nose and or as a filling substance for cheeks.

Is it safe?

In the right hands fillers can work their magic like a wand.  Reputable clinics will use the best products to ensure efficacy and safety.  For lips it is advisable to pursue a plastic surgeon as they will have a better grasp of how the substance will contour the lips creating the perfect enhancement.  That said your own comfort with the doctor is equally important.


Is it painful?

It can be.  Most doctors will apply a topical anaesthetic called an EMLA cream for up to 30mins before injecting. This numbs the area being injected so you really don’t feel too much.


What can you expect after treatment?

Immediately after treatment your lips are more enhanced but settle down after about a week to exactly how the treating doctor wants them.  This is how long it takes for the initial swelling to settle down.


Where to get it done?

At Santi all our physicians are plastic surgeons.  But research the doctor of your choice and ensure you have a comfortable rapport with the treating physician.

Achieve soft, natural-looking lips

Quick and effective with immediate fuller lips

Natural and subtle yet fuller lips

Enhance your smile with fuller lips

Create more lip volume

Remove wrinkles around lips

Enhance the lip line

Long-lasting results but not permanent