Oxygen Therapy

Londoner’s secret weapon

Oxygen Therapy

What Is Oxygen Therapy Facial?

The Santi Oxygen Therapy facial is a Londoner’s secret weapon. Deep cleaning, hydrating, and with zero downtime – it’s the perfect treatment to squeeze into a busy day.  A safe and gentle hydration method, Oxygen Therapy supplements natural processes that begin to slow with time. As the body becomes less efficient at processing oxygen – either through age or long-term exposure to damaging environmental factors like pollution – dry skin and diminished elasticity result. Our Oxy Pro Infusion system ‘tops up’ the skin’s oxygen levels and delivers a re-energising serum in the process – a two-pronged approach to skin rejuvenation. When oxygen levels are low our skin can’t function. When oxygen levels are high our skin is the best it can be. Here we look at the different steps that make up our Oxygen Therapy treatment:

Step 2 - Oxygen Mask

This deep cleansing, bubbling oxygen mask is a dynamic treatment which both primes your skin for the Oxy Pro Infusion while delivering high levels of oxygen in its own right. The mask is applied as a clear gel which slowly transforms into an active, ‘bubbling’ cleaning agent. Non-irritating, (you will feel a light tingling sensation as the mask activates on meeting air, and even hear the bubbles!) this bubbling process draws impurities from your pores and once more stimulates the blood supply in readiness for the oxygen infusion to follow.

Step 4 - Oxy Pro Infusion

The Oxy Pro Infusion delivery system is the star of this restorative treatment. Differing from other more superficial delivery approaches, our method administers vitamins, minerals, retinol and more via a power oxygen jet stream. Advance preparation of your skin means the infusion works at optimum capacity and instantly hydrates and improves skin blood flow. The jet stream is moved repeatedly over your skin at differing speeds, massaging, stimulating and maximising absorption. The Oxy Pro Infusion delivers supplementary oxygen to starved skin but most importantly it enhances natural processes like circulation, ensuring the benefit is both aesthetic and systemic – and ongoing.

Step 1 - Facial Scrub

Unlike other more invasive rejuvenating treatments, our Oxygen Therapy facial takes a gentle approach to exfoliation. Our Oxy Pro Infusion relies on a powerful jet stream delivery system so a light exfoliation is all that’s required in preparation. Carefully selected to suit your skin type, this manually applied facial scrub will not redden or distress your skin but will encourage blood to the surface, enabling optimum oxygenation in later steps. (At no point in this treatment will your skin be abraded, reddened or irritated – making it the sensible lunch time appointment or pre-party option.)

Step 3 - Hydrating Mask

This clear gel hydrating mask is another pre-treatment in anticipation of the Oxy Pro Infusion. Gently massaged into your face and neck, hydrating masks have powerful ‘repulping’ properties which ensure uniform surface and texture. Oxygen Therapy, and indeed all therapies, are most effective when superficial issues such as dryness and dead skin cells have been resolved prior to treatment. Relaxing and indulgent, this step in the process will leave your complexion smoother, tighter and more receptive.

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