How to get the Santi Glow?

Santi Glow Santi Glow is one of our most popular aesthetic treatments. An unusual combination of microdermabrasion and oxygen jet stream therapy, it’s a multilayeredfacial that we adjust and refine on a case by case basis to meet your skin’s unique needs. When you have a spa treatment if can be difficult to know exactly …

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Botox and Blepharospasm

Blepharospasm and Botox Blepharospasm is a distressing condition, not to be confused with myokymia, the more common quivering of the eyelid. Defined as the ‘involuntary tight closure of the eyelids,’ blepharospasm can ease after several days or manifest as a chronic and life-altering muscle disorder. In a healthy eye, the blinking mechanism works to protect …

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