Natural Skin Care in Winter

As the weather changes we often feel we need to adjust our skincare regimen. Specifically, as the temperature drops we reach for ‘richer’ or stronger skin products – natural alternatives may seem less viable as the harsher winter atmosphere sets in. Santi has recently teamed up with aromatherapy based cosmetics brand Âroms Natur, with a […]

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Pregnancy Massage: the benefits

SANTI’S 7 – 7 Benefits of Pregnancy Massage   ·      Physical benefits to counter the change in your body throughout the second and third trimesters ·      Emotional support, stress relief and hormone stabilisation ·      Relaxation to encourage a better night’s sleep Pregnancy is a wonderful experience, however it is also a time where a woman

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Radical Hydration – How Skin Fillers are Changing

Radical Hydration – The Evolution of Skin Fillers and the Power of Hyaluronic Acid In the dynamic world of aesthetics, the evolution of dermal fillers continues to captivate with innovative breakthroughs. Among these advancements, the extraordinary potential of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) has emerged as a game-changer, redefining the essence of non-surgical rejuvenation. As Santi London

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The Other Faces of Botox

Botox has a long history of accidental discovery. First used by ophthalmologists to relax strabismus or crossed eyes, Botox’s cosmetic potential began as an unexpected side effect. Cue a revolution in aesthetic treatment! It shouldn’t surprise us then that Botox is increasingly being used in further unexpected ways. Here are just a few: Migraines Botox

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Delicious Autumn

Golden leaves start to tapestry the roads, conkers bobble in the parks. It is time to harvest the autumn rainbow of golden apples, yellow pears, brown chestnuts , orange butternut squash and carrots , and the Queen of October the pumpkin! It is the season to prepare for the cold winter months to boost your

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Aromatherapy Massage: a treat

Aromatherapy Massage Relax and unwind with a bespoke aromatherapy massage. A luxurious treat, this massage is designed to stimulate the senses with the use of nourishing essential oils. Organic Essential OilsThis deeply relaxing treatment will leave you rested and stress free. Whilst the moisture-rich oils will help to unlock beautiful skin. The natural properties of

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Foam Rolling and Sports Massages

Foam rolling: what’s all the fuss about?! In almost every commercial gym you will now find a selection of foam rollers to use in your workouts. Whilst these instruments have been used for years across professional sport, this introduction into the amateur fitness world has been fairly recent, with the increased use of foam rollers

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